Jeremy Fetzer-You Should Know By Now

Jeremy Fetzer - You Should Know By Now

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Jeremy Fetzer You Should Know By Now

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Alice Hoaglan is an actress that laughs at her sons death on national TV. She wants you to emphatically, even strangely, make sure you know this is Mark Bingham's mom. She says it over and over and over and over across many interviews within a 48 hour period. It is clearly scripted and she is a con woman. "Hello Mom? This is Mark Bingham B. I. N. G H ....." the story even changes slightly and grows as she goes on. Alice the fat liar 9/11-star United Airlines attendant mother is fake, pure and simple. Mark Bingham had kids and a family on 9/11, now he is gay according to Alice, who runs a gay-9/11 money tour charity. When you hear the words 9/11 and charity in the same sentence, guaranteed it is a scam. Alice runs one of those scams today, The Bingham tale pays her bills. Hiring that idiot to sell me a story was one of the greatest mistakes they made. She gives it away with bad acting and lack of emotion ... even laughing at her sons death hours after it happened. She is fake, calling in to the media and spreading bogus scripted tales, about a crash that literally did not happen. Alice got paid for this phone call. Alice has toured the country making 9/11 her source of income since this phone call. Money her motive. There are 2000 other mothers, supposedly, that we don't know, but we were fed Alice over and over and over. Alice is even seen reading a script in one of her interviews that flooded the networks within the same 10 hour period. Alice was one of the pre-planned stars of 9/11. Alice the United Airlines employee. July 2001 UA workers go on strike, Bush forces them back to work by executive order. September 10, United Airlines has had its worst financial year since deregulation in 1978. Two weeks later it is bailed out and protected from bankruptcy by the US government. 9/11 was the greatest thing to ever happen to both United and the Flight Attendant Unions, both got everything they wanted because 9/11 happened. Follow the money, the benefactors should be your first suspects. ALICE right in the center, the weak actor selling the lie laughing instead of crying. Alice should be in a prison cell, instead 9/11 bought her a house. It saved the airlines, not hurt them. It helped and benefitted Boeing. That's a fact. The banks benefitted from 9/11. Bush benefitted from 9/11. Israel benefitted. Saudi Arabia benefitted. Pakistan benefitted. Rudy benefitted. There went a trillion dollars ... suckers. I cannot believe they got away with this, looking back its so obvious.

The actors in the story after are even worse. The smiling girls looking for their dog and missing dad who was not missing is a dumb scripted act. Another fake story follows a fake story. Not even believable when scrutinized for reality and accuracy. The passenger family actors began appearing on TV at 11:00 PM, not before, all in a flood. The fake crying pilot son kid. Alice. Jeremy Glick's wife. And the rest of the obvious actor skits that now are the embellished stories "came out" within the same hour. A produced and concerted effort. By design. The fact they all arrived on TV at the same time bundles them together, if one is fake they all should be seen as part of a batch. Alice Hoglan is a fraud, thus the rest of the dumb Hollywood tales are really designed fat lies. One bad apple ruins the whole bunch. Look up the Flight 93 crater if you are loving the fake stories and actors ... you need a reminder.
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