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Jeffery Smith-Sippin' On Something

Jeffery Smith - Sippin' On Something

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Jeffery Smith Sippin' On Something

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SONG: Sippin’ On Something
ARTIST: Jeffery Smith
CD/ALBUM TITLE: Smooth Creations, The Album Pt 1 [2014]
CD/Album available on Amazon.Com: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00N6FMBIK
CD/Album available on iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/smooth-creations-album-pt./id915469787

In addition to the smooth and sensual sounds of his guitar playing, what I really like about Jazz artist Jeffery Smith is that he is a dedicated advocate supporter of the military troops and often performs at military installations around the world. I’m sure there are other artist who support our troops but most don’t include this information in their BIO. Regardless, it’s nice to know that those who bring a little pleasure in our lives through their music have devoted some of their time to give thanks to our soldiers.

Not only is he a guitarist, but Jeffery Smith writes, produces and engineers his own music. Jeffery has been in music since he was age 7 and learned to master eight different instruments including lead, bass, and acoustic guitars; keyboards; drums; percussion instruments; baritone; and trumpet. As a very young musician, Jeffery wasted no time in cultivating his music skills by performing in marching bands with his school and concerts and bands in the local community. He worked on his own sounds by listening to some of the greatest musicians and singers like George Benson; Wes Montgomery; Lionel Richie; Frankie Beverly; and Prince [to name a few]. His biggest break came when he was performing with a local band which was the opening act for recording artists such as Lakeside; the Bar-Kays; Roger Troutman & Zapp; Midnight star; and Cameo. Although his first project, “Eyes On You” [1993] wasn’t considered successful, Jeffery came out like “gangbusters” with his next CD “After the Rain” in 1999, which is a mix of R&B, Pop, Funk, and Soul. Over the years, Jeffery would continue to produce and release several successful albums to his discography. His latest project is titled “Smooth Creations, The Album Pt 1 and is a “collaboration of artist and music produced by Jeffery”.

For additional information on jazz guitarist Jeffery Smith, you can visit the following websites:


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