Le Café Bleu International-Sissi

Le Café Bleu International - Sissi

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Beschreibung und Texte
Seobjib Agi from »LE CAFÉ BLEU INTERNATIONAL tells Bedtime Stories« *ENJ - 9616*
available online and in stores worldwide


A small street café, a dubious nightbar, a secret meeting-point and melting pot for artists and cultures from all over the world.
Or just a café imaginer …..

»At Café Bleu nostalgia and zeitgeist mingle and merge. Saxophonist Matthieu Bordenave, Gitarrist Leonhard Kuhn and Drummer Jay Lateef celebrate musical variety using different styles of Jazz, Chanson and Folk« IN München

Meanwhile, it is much more than that! Like a conversation between friends, that slowly builds up and somehow developes a life of its own. Openness, respect and acceptance for the “other”, the unknown are substantial elements of the collective concept: Everything is possible, because everything is permitted!

»In the dazzling, magical, constantly changing lights of hovering clouds and spheres of sounds one was inclined to let go and flow with the extatic stream, or the almost soundless heartbeat that is slowly trickling away.« Vilsbiburger Zeitung
Bonjour mesdames et messieurs, bienvenue au Café Bleu!

After the very succesfull Debut Album »LE CAFÉ BLEU INTERNATIONAL plays Édith Piaf« ENJ-9612 2, which was highly extoled by the press, and numerous national and international concerts, the young musicians grew even more together and matured as a band. Matthieu Bordenave *sax/cl*, Leonhard Kuhn *git/electronics* and Jay Lateef *drs/perc* exponentially expanded their varieties and refined their interplay. Once more, they brought back to light long lost treasures of the european *and now even asian and american* cultural assets! Melodies from movies like “Three wishes for Cinderella”, “Sissi”, “Jungle Book”, or even Folksongs and nursery rhymes from Lattvia or Korea sound like re-invented.
»LE CAFÉ BLEU INTERNATIONAL tells Bedtime Stories« is a journey through 9 countries and 3 continents, a journey through time and space, a journey back to our childhood.

»A strong leaning towards the magical, the witches' magic formular, the pentacle, or the display of the cults and magic world of the North: the joy to tell which was formerly incumbent of the real minstrels, the bards, the ballad-mongers« Heinz Kaiser

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