Cas Haley-Whole (feat. Tubby Love)

Cas Haley - Whole (feat. Tubby Love)

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Cas Haley Whole (feat. Tubby Love)

Beschreibung und Texte
More Music More Family was filmed in North East Texas on and around the Haley Property.

It was filmed and directed by Cameron J Smith

More Music More family is the title track from Cas Haley's new Album which will be released on November 6th 2015 on Mailboat Records.

Album Pre- Order

Roots-reggae artist Cas Haley is proud to announce the release of his new album More Music More Family on Mailboat Records on November 6th, 2015. The new album celebrates Cas’ return to music after an injury-induced hiatus and explores the importance of family and positivity. Co-produced by Tubby Love and recorded in Kauai, Hawaii, More Music More Family is an entwinement of roots-reggae, soul, pop-rhythms, and a generous helping of Hawaiian tranquility.

Occasionally, blessings come disguised as roadblocks. While skiing last year, Cas suffered from a fall that hampered his ability sing. He endured over eight months of physical therapy treatments to regain the use of his voice. During this time, Haley’s reflections on what the injury meant to the future of his career and family was channeled into an album’s worth of material - the concept for More Music More Family was born.

Cas opens the album with a positive tone as he croons on the opening title track, “With music as my ride/ And family by my side/ I finally understand/ I’m just a family man.” The soul-tinged and syncopated “Before It’s Too Late” builds a platform from which Haley’s reclaimed vocals soar. The track leads way to a gospel break down in the song’s last minute that raises the energy even higher with its celebratory stomps, claps and huge-hearted magnetism. On the blues-tinged and funky “I Got You” and the danceable, kinetic “Spirit Being” Cas addresses the universality of life lessons with uplifting melodies as well as his signature heartfelt vocal style. “Big Hope,” a track whose reggae-steeped intro gives way to energetic hip-hop beats, features Freewill (Luminaries) and Drew Misik (New Reb). Tropical grooves and dubbed out reverb lay a lighter foundation for heavier subject matter in “Hold Up My Heart” - “Sometimes it’s hard to see/ The lesson in the suffering/ I pray for grace to guide me/ Hold up my heart, hold up my heart.” Conscious vibes singer-songwriter Trevor Hall lends vocal support in the track.

Now recovered and back into making music, Haley’s new approach to touring incorporates spending time with family even when on the road. A full list of dates for the More Music More Family tour is below.

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