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V.A. - Grand Slam, released on 2008-07-01 by IONO Music - INM1CD014
Ritmo has compiled an audible pleasure including nine powerful dance tracks. As usual you can expect a qualitatively ambitious mixture of different styles. Bringing together all forms of modern progressive tunes, from the minimal sounds of Kaempfer and Dietze (side project of Protonica) and Mute's very innovative Remix of Ritmo's 'Blue Connection' up to Danish dynamite TimeDrained, pleasing you with a 13 minute deep Scandinavian trance opus, this compilation combines elements of progressive trance and house into something that could be called major progressive sound of 2008.
Next to other well known names on this compilation like Grandmasters Krueger and Coyle, Sonic Cube and Solano we would like to direct your attention on some interesting constellations like the new project 'Shimmer Amount' which is recently formed by one of the Iono label heads Cubixx together with Nizzel (Ski Fi / Ix Lam At) who has been playing a dominant role in the Mexican trance scene for many years now. Beside that you will listen to artists like Temptation, the Brazilian 'trance big band', who are already famous for their rocking live acts as well as the Greece duo Fat Data, offering you funky and pumping trance vibes in a very individual and most effective form. With that multi-compatible selection of sounds 'Grand Slam' will find its way into the ears of every real electronic dance music addict.

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Iono Music never stops to evolve, always being one step ahead with technology and new initiatives it had grown to be an exciting international label. Always on the move, Iono Music promises to give you the top notch music this atmosphere can offer. The label has built over the years a strong reputation as a quality brand with many artist like: Ritmo, Egorythmia, E-Clip, Suntree, Time in Motion, Lifeforms, Side Effects and many others.

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