Colorise - Milano

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Colorise Milano

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ER039 - Colorise - Milano (Original Mix) - Electronical Reeds



Belgian imprint Electronical Reeds readies a single from Barcelona's Colorise featuring three soaring house tracks.

Based in Brussels, the label has fast become a key component in Belgium's electronic music scene, being proud owner of an already strong back catalog and winning awards at Red Bull's Elektropedia Awards. The imprint, which celebrated 5 years back in December, specializes in picking up both local and international talents, with Felix Cage, O.D.Math and Deeligent Soul forming its core roster. Whilst celebrating its anniversary the label released 'Fer-De-Lance' - an album comprised of various artists that picked up glowing reviews from DJ Mag, Rolling, Decoded and Tsugi.

Colorise are a relatively new name on the scene having debuted on Spain's Envy Music at the start of the year. Landing on Electronical Reeds, their next appearance begins with 'Eos'; a hypnotic production composed of poignant melodies and uplifting synths. The mesmerising 'Milano' then incorporates ghostly pads and echoing snares before 'Ardea' concludes the package on an electronica tip with heady breaks amongst ethereal chords and metallic warbles.


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*** Some Feedbacks ***

Nemone's Electric Ladyland - All beautiful but Eos fits. Thanks for sharing
Weconnect Radio - Great stuff on this EP
BCB Radio - 'Milano' is the one for me. Support, thank you.
Pete Tong - Solid Colorise - Milano (Original Mix)
Carl Cox - Great! Many thanks as usual
Charlie T (Kiss FM)- very cool!
From the Other Side - lovely sounds here ! will play it
Ibiza Global Radio - Eos arrives to a lovely rolling march and succeeds. Very moody EP and one for the radio/car/poolside. Lovely.
Ibiza Global Radio (2): wow, deep quality coming from my favourite city on a label of my own country, nice! :-)
Ibiza Sonica (2): Wooooooooow. Love Full EP. Full support
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