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KRVB The River

KRVB The River 94.9 FM

Vereinigte Staaten Vereinigte Staaten, Idaho, Boise 94.9 FM

The fact that 94.9 the River is challenging to describe in a sentence (or a page, for that matter) is exactly what makes it appealing to an adult audience who prefers genuine diversity in music - and "genuineness" in everything else. From CSN to R.E.M., Bob Marley to Dave Matthews, the River touches on a broad spectrum of music, appealing to a broad range of tastes. In addition, we've made a significant commitment to "community," building an enviable list of alliances and reaching an equally enviable audience in terms of education, income, and other qualitative measures. 94.9 the River is ... World Class Rock for southern Idaho & the Northwest.



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