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Power Hit Radio 87.8 FM

Neuseeland Neuseeland, Christchurch 87.8 FM

Power Hit FM (formally Power Hit Radio) is a Low Powered FM (LPFM) Radio Station broadcasting on 87.8 FM in one of many suburbs in Christchurch, New Zealand called St Albans/Mairehau and can be also heard globally on the Internet at Power Hit FM aims to be community focus and is set up as a non-commercial hobby radio station broadcasting Local Information, Community Notices, Weather, News and Sports with Local and International Entertainment. Power Hit FM is licensed with OneMusic for music broadcasting rights and also follows the LFPM, ASA & BSA laws in New Zealand. Follow us on Facebook:

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PAUL BAKER-Mystery Top 40 (1)
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PAUL BAKER - Mystery Top 40 (1)
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Pink - Beautiful Trauma (Official Clean Version)

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